HG Aircon Cleaner 300ml

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After a while, practically all air-conditioning systems in cars will start to spread an unpleasant, musty smell. This is the result of dust, pollen, nicotine and other dirt accumulating inside the system. You no longer need a garage to clean your car’s air conditioning. With HG air con cleaner you can clean the air-conditioning system of your car and produce a fresh fragrance without a high garage bill.

Close all the windows of the car and push the passenger seat as far forward as possible. Move the back of the seat as far forward as possible too, so that the spray mist cannot reach the back. Ignite the engine, set the air conditioning to “recirculation” (so that outside air cannot be drawn in and the air continues to circulate inside the car without escaping) and put the blower on the highest setting. Choose the grid in the dashboard as the escape direction (so that the air does not blow towards the front windscreen or the floor). Position the HG air con cleaner on the floor behind the passenger seat and press the spray button of the sprayer down until it is locked. Make sure that the spray mist does not touch anything. Leave the car and shut the door; the car must be completely shut. When the sprayer is completely empty, allow the air conditioning to run for at least another 5 minutes. Then switch off the engine, and thoroughly ventilate the car for at least 5 minutes by opening all the windows or doors.

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