HG Descaler For Espress & Pod-Coffee Machines 500ml

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HG descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines is a limescale remover based on citric acid, specially developed for removal of limescale in all kinds of espresso and pod-coffee machines. This descaler works safely, quickly and is odour free, as well as being fully biodegradable. When used regularly, your coffee will always be tasty, your espresso or pod-coffee machine will work quickly and last longer! Pour 75 ml of HG descaler for espresso & pod-coffee machines into the water reservoir and fill it up to 750 ml water. Leave this solution to work for 10 minutes. Now switch on the machine and allow half of the solution to run through. Switch off the machine, leave to work for 10 minutes and switch it back on so that the rest runs through. Rinse the water reservoir properly after the treatment, fill it with clean tap water and then use the machine at least 3 times just with water to ensure no scale or unwanted tastes remains. For pod-coffee machines, possibly place a pod holder with a used pod in the machine, to catch any limescale deposits. This will avoid possible clogging of the flow opening. We recommend using HG quick descaler for coffee machines, electric kettles and washing machines for limescale removal in normal coffee machines, kettles and washing machines. One bottle is sufficient for 6 x treatments.

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