HG Hardwood Colour Renovator 500ml

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New garden furniture made from teak or hard wood, and those made from rattan, are attractive due to their soft, warm appearance. After the furniture has been constantly exposed to the weather, this lustrous appearance will fade away, leaving a dull, grey shadow. This dull grey shadow can only be removed through extensive polishing of the hardwood furniture – which is hard work.This is the reason for the development of HG hardwood colour renovator. It cleans and revitalises the dull, grey hardwood garden furniture, in a single easy action. Using hardwood garden furniture colour renovator will protect the wood and restore its warm lustrous appearance. HG hardwood colour renovator is also suitable for use other sorts of wood such as, for example, meranti, mahogany and pine, and also on cane, rattan and/or bamboo furniture.

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