HG Hygienic Whirlpool Bath Cleaner 1ltr

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During and after the use of a whirlpool bacteria will develop in the internal system and the system will become caked with scale, soap and oil. If it’s not cleaned regularly, the whirlpool no longer operates as well and eventually breaks down. Unpleasant smells might also occur. HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner has been developed on the basis of natural materials and cleans the whirlpool system hygienically, and safely without affecting the internal system or the environment. Caked-on dirt and any causes of odours are removed without difficulties. Regular use of HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner will extend the lifespan of the whirlpool. Fill the whirlpool with warm water, up to 5 cm above the highest opening in the jets for water and air. Add 50 to 75 ml of HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner directly to the contents of the bath. Activate the system and allow it to run for approximately 15 minutes. Empty the bath and rinse it thoroughly, using clean water. To prevent the build up of container pollution, repeat the treatment every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the use of the whirlpool, or fill the whirlpool’s integrated cleaning system, or the automatic cleaning system, with HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner. Refer further to the instruction manual for your whirlpool.

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