HG Natural Stone Protector 250ml

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Marble is porous and absorbs all kinds of dirt. HG natural stone protector (HG product 35) invisibly protects marble and other types of calciferous natural stone against penetration of water, stains, dirt and limescale. This product seals off the natural stone, making it ideal for use in bathrooms, on kitchen work surfaces, windowledges and tables. This product can also be used outdoors, and greatly reduces the risk of discoloration, efflorescence, frost damage, mould and algae.
Apply the liquid generously, in straight tracks in one direction, using a paint roller or brush. On vertical surfaces, always work from top to bottom. After approximately 4 minutes, remove any leftover liquid using a clean, lint-free cloth. The surface is oil, grease, dirt and water repellent after 24 hours.

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