HG Refill Moisture Absorber Granules Lavender 450g

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The HG moisture absorber reduces the relative humidity in damp rooms to an acceptable level. This prevents all the undesirable consequences of high humidity, such as condensation, a musty smell, mould, damp patches, vermin and wood rot. The HG moisture absorber works on the basis of granules which absorb moisture. The system is noiseless and requires no electricity or batteries. The round absorbent granules used have a larger absorption surface area than the flakes often used, while the round shape also gives more space between the granules, allowing more air (with moisture) to flow past the granules. Together with the granule basket, designed for maximum air contact, this results in a moisture trap which works more quickly and for a longer period of time, and which can extract 1.5 times more moisture from the air than comparable systems. Depending on the relative humidity, a HG moisture absorber with 450 grams of HG moisture absorbing granules is effective for 2-3 months in a room of 45 m². The handy pouring jug allows for easy disposal of the moisture collected. No more spills or stains! The double walled HG granule basket avoids contact with the granules, keeping your hands clean. The HG moisture absorber is ideal for use in a caravan, boat, shed, cellar, wardrobe or any of the rooms in a house. HG refill granules for the HG moisture absorber but also for other systems, are available in natural or lavender versions in a resealable bottle.

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