HG Rust Remover 500ml

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Removal of rust from garden tools, nuts and bolts is porcelain cleaner and easy with HG rust remover, and no scrubbing is required! HG rust remover dries very slowly, meaning that the product is given a long time to work. Due to its powerful rust preventing action, the metal can be finished directly after treatment. Begin the treatment by scraping off loose rust. Smaller objects can simply be immersed: in this case dilute HG rust remover in a solution of 1:5 with water. Depending on the amount of rust, allow between 10 minutes to 12 hours for HG rust remover to work. Then rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water. With large objects that cannot be immersed in water, apply HG rust remover undiluted with a brush. The amount of time needed for the product to work is again depentent on the amount of rust. Always rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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