HG Silver, Copper & Brass Polish-No-More-Finish 200ml

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The coating on silver and copper, which makes these precious metals dull and darkly coloured, is an oxidation process. This oxidation develops as a result of the oxygen and moisture from the air reacting with the metal. Using HG silver, copper & brass polish-no-more-finish, an invisible protective finish is applied which cannot be felt but which combats the oxidation process and prevents dullness and discoloration. HG silver, copper & brass polish-no-more-finish is also suitable for brass and bronze. Remove dirt, greasy deposits and remnants of silver and copper polish with soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly. Shake HG silver, copper & brass polish-no-more-finish well before use. Hold the can up straight and spray it, not too thickly (take note of intonation) at approx. 20 cm distance, in even stripes onto the surface to be treated. HG silver, copper & brass polish-no-more-finish can be removed using acetone, if necessary.

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