HG Silver Fast-Shine Dip 650ml

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If silver cutlery or smaller silver or silver plated articles have become dull and dark, they can be cleaned and polished using the super speedy HG silver fast-shine dip. After only a 5 to 10 seconds’ dip, the objects regain their original shine and colour. It couldn’t be faster! Dip the objects into the liquid, using the tweezers supplied if necessary. Remove them after 5 to 10 seconds. Long objects which cannot be completely submerged, must be turned around and dipped again, then rinsed well with water. For extra shine, polish gently with the HG silver shine cloth. With the exception of cutlery and crockery which comes into contact with food and drink, the shine can be protected using HG silver & copper polish-no-more-finish.

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