HG Silver Immersion Bath 300g

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Large silver articles such as trays and candelabras or articles with lots of decorative details and seams which cannot be reached by means of traditional polishing, become oxidised and dull. HG silver immersion bath is a product for cleaning dull or blackened silver and silver plated articles without the need for polishing. After treatment with HG silver immersion bath, the silver will be beautifully clean and shining again. Remove any deposits, remnants of silver polish, nicotine deposits and candle wax using hot soapy water. A soft brush can possibly be used to remove dirt from ridges and gaps. Now dry the silver thoroughly. Remove any protective layers such as HG silver & copper polish-no-more-finish, using acetone. Use 1 bag of activation powder per 3 litres of water. Fill a bowl or plastic bucket large enough to hold the article, with hot water. Use sufficient water so that the article can be completely submerged. Dissolve the bag of powder, stirring well. Place the HG silver immersion bath reaction plate in the receptacle. Place the article in the receptacle in such a way that there is always contact with the reaction plate. After a maximum of 30 seconds, remove the article from the receptacle and rinse it well using hot water. Polish using the HG silver shine cloth until it shines.

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