HG Silver Shine Cream 125ml

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HG silver shine cream is an ingenious, modern silver polishing product. Polishing is not really necessary, due to specially selected polishing agents which already remove any deposits upon application. HG silver shine cream does not scratch and is therefore safe to use on all antique silver objects. The useful pump makes it clean, simple and economical to apply. Remove any protective layers such as for example, HG silver & copper polish-no-more-finish using acetone. Apply a small amount of HG silver shine cream using a non-fluffy polishing cloth and rub it in gently to remove the deposits. Do not polish dark shadow edges of antique objects if they should not be shiny. Leave HG silver shine cream to dry for approx. 1 minutes and then polish out gently until the cream is completely removed. Regularly switch to a clean piece of cloth. Protect the super shiny result using HG silver & copper polish-no-more-finish. Large silver or silver plated objects and very decorative objects or seams can be treated using HG silver immersion bath.

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