HG Stain Away No7 50ml

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No stain can stand up to the HG stain away series because the 7 different stain removers each have their own specialist subject but together, they can beat any stain. The stain chart shows which number in the stain away series needs to be used for the various types of stains. The 7 different HG stain away specialists are simple to use but do have different methods of application. Remember to read the instructions on the packaging carefully therefore.

stain away no. 1 removes stains from textiles by: coffe, tea, cocoa, ketchup, mustard, jam, red wine, ink, as well as vegetables and fruit juice, urine, perspiration, curry and various perfums. stain away no. 2 removes stains from textiles by: felt-tippen, grease, oil, shoe polish as well as cooking oil, chip fat, oil and stickers and tippex etc. stain away no .3 removes stains from textiles by: candle wax, resin and tar. stain away no. 4 removes stains from textiles by: sauce & gravy, spices, blood, milk, egg white as well as chocolate, mayonnaise, cream, wound discharge. stain away no. 5 removes stains from textiles by: make-up, grass, pollen, marker pen, chewing gum as well as mascara, water-based paint, soil, clay, building sand and gravel. stain away no. 6 removes stains from textiles by: ballpoint pen and stubburn colouring as well as beer and liquers. stain away no. 7 removes stains from textiles by: rust as well as rust spots from tiles, paving stones, concrete, and non-calciferous natural stone.

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