HG Teak & Other Hardwood Restorer 750ml

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Hardwood contains minerals which become discoloured or grey when exposed to the elements. HG teak and other hardwood restorer was specially developed for the restoration of the natural colour and appearance of your hardwood furniture, for an entire summer season. This product also nourishes the hardwood deep in the pores so that it is protected against UV light and dehydration. HG teak and other hardwood restorer works quickly and is simple to apply to hardwood garden furniture, duckboards, fences, planters etc. Remove any greyness beforehand using HG hardwood colour renovator. Rinse the hardwood well using clean water and leave to dry completely. Apply HG teak and other hardwood restorer in the direction of the wood grain using a brush and allow time for it to be absorbed. Remove any surplus product within 10 minutes using a dry and non-fluffy cloth. The treated hardwood can be used again after 24 hours.

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