HG Textile Spray For All Unpleasant Smells At Source 400ml

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HG textile spray for all unpleasant smells at source is a harmless water-based plant extract which does not mask the nasty smell but rather dissolves the smelly molecules. Clothes worn at a party, in a restaurant or at a barbeque, which retain smells but are not necessarily dirty, need not be sent straight to the dry cleaners. This saves a lot in dry cleaning costs! The same applies to carpets, curtains and for objects that cannot be taken to the dry cleaners, for example upholstered sofas or chairs. The handy spray can is pressurised and gives a very fine spray. Spray HG textile spray for all unpleasant smells at source liberally onto the textile at a distance of approximately 30 centimetres. The textile will be completely fresh and odourless again after 15 to 20 minutes.

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