HG Toilet Renovation Kit 500ml

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The HG toilet renovation cleaner is part of the HG toilet renovation kit. Besides 1 bottle of HG toilet renovation cleaner, this kit contains: 1) 1 handy HG scrubber and 1 (guaranteed scratch-free but very effective) HG scrubbing pad, for simple scrubbing of the inside of the toilet pan, in the neck and under the rim of the toilet. 2) 2 plastic gloves The layer of glaze on a toilet pan becomes more brittle as it gets older. Deposits such as limescale or uric scale stick to it more easily and mix with other dirt. These generally very persistent deposits are not only found in the visible areas of the toilet, (such as the neck, for example), but also hidden under the rim. It is these deposits under the rim of the toilet pan which ensure the toilet is never really hygienically clean, and which give an unpleasant odour in the toilet area. Furthermore, deposits under the rim reduce the flushing action of the toilet. The specially developed formula of HG toilet renovation cleaner adheres to the surface of the toilet pan and ensures total removal of the most persistent deposits, in combination with the handy scrubber and very effective scrubbing pad. After use, the toilet pan is truly hygienically clean and fresh smelling again, giving it a new lease of life.

To clean the inside of the toilet pan and under the rim: Spray the cleaning gel deep under the rim and in the toilet pan with a fluid motion, and leave the gel to work for at least 20 – 30 minutes. After this time, scrub the toilet pan and under the rim thoroughly, using the special scrubber and (guaranteed scratch-free) scrubbing pad provided. Now leave the product to work for another 5 minutes before flushing the toilet. To clean the neck of the toilet pan: Depending on how dirty it is, pour up to half a bottle of HG toilet renovation cleaner into the water in the neck. Leave the product to work from 30 minutes to an entire night, and then use the scrubber and scrubbing pad to scrub away the deposits. Then flush the toilet at least twice.

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