Rapid Mop Base Unit and Handle with Colour Coded Rings

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Suitable for light duty cleaning.
Handle reservoir for water/cleaning liquid has 480ml capacity.
Colour coded rings for handle and tabs on heads for hygiene purposes

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Features The rapid mop gives a whole new meaning to sweeping and mopping. Where areas are only lightly soiled but in need of good thorough dust control the Rapid Mop is ideal. Microfibre mop head. Velcro attachment heads, Machine washable heads. Colour coded tabs. The handy starter kit contains handle, mop frame and two mop heads. Benefits Works by using the handle of the mop as a cleaning solution reservoir. A thump operated button on top of the handle pumps solution out of 3 jets placed just above the pad holder. Great for dry dusting and can also be used to clean with just water. No chemicals required. Easy to remove and replace heads. Long lasting as can be reused. Coloured coded for hygiene. Allocated colours for different areas. Spare heads mean you can continue use while previous heads are being washed

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